I finally meet Artdobber, Bob Gamage, in person at his great little corner studio on West 44th Avenue in Denver.

Bob found my review of an Olga Kern concert we both attended, and stayed in touch. His work explores his intuition about shape and color, and draws inspiration from the music of Rachmaninov to the photographs of Ansel Adams.

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  1. Bob Gamage died of cancer on Thursday, 4/26. I did his web site – . I have several pieces of his art that he had me hold as payment, some I’ll keep, some are for sale. His work was very vibrant and exciting, and I am glad to have called him friend.

  2. Ari,

    Thank you for the notice. It was a privilege to meet Bob, if only briefly, and take part in some of his artwork. It was clear evidence of a wild, wondrous spirit.

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