Molly Willmschen

Molly gave me my first Cyberhobo job, in Laramie Wyoming. She wrote me this glowing review:

Cyberhobo (aka Dylan Kuhn) set me up at home for computer use. He found me a used computer that would meet my needs for the lowest cost possible, “cleaned up” the machine so it would be faster, found a local internet provider that has the best service for the lowest cost, went to establish an account with me, told me all the things I would need to buy to set up the computer at home and helped me purchase such items, he then set up the computer so all I had to do was follow directions. I have absolutely no computer skills so having Cyberhobo here to guide me through all the steps was essential. I have learned much from Cyberhobo and I have tapped his knowlodge several times since. Not only is Dylan a delightful man, he is a smart and trustworthy employee. If you have no computer needs, I encourage you to read his stories of adventure posted on this website as they are most entertaining. If you have a computer need, contact Cyberhobo and meet one of the most talented (certainly the sexiest) men in the business.

Thanks Miss Molly!

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One thought on “Molly Willmschen

  1. After such a glowing tribute to your skills, I acn only ask that contact me about using an AT&T USM modem ona clunky emachine t1120 running Ubuntu 8.10.
    I’m sure you can tell I am desperate. Thanks.

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