Geo Mashup 1.0 Release

I’ve addressed all the issues I received for 1.0 BETA 2, so the time for 1.0 has come. Enjoy. Submit issues and suggestions if you have them.

Change log:

  • Removed automatic zooming.
  • Changed the admin map to use the full zoom control.
  • Improved the javascript customization interface (custom-marker.js is now custom.js)
  • Added option to use packed javascript for faster loading.
  • Fixed location removal (and added instructions).
  • Removed the logging option.
  • Fixed problems with links when the map is on a subpage.

3 responses to “Geo Mashup 1.0 Release”

  1. Hi Dylan,
    While I love the Geo Mashup 1.0 plugin, if I disable the old Geo plugin, I lose the ICBM and geo.position meta tags from my posts. Do you have any plans to implement this?

  2. Sandro – I’m working on using some tools in the Google Maps API to manage markers differently at different zoom levels. Stay tuned.

    Scruss – Sure, that should be an easy one to put in the next release. It’ll have Simple GeoRSS too.

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