Category: Web Development

  • Hack4Reno project RenoTracks places!

    I was especially excited about the project this year because I think it might really be used. Forking a project started in San Francisco and continued in Atlanta (among others), we had some supposedly working code to begin with. That turned out to be a mixed blessing for me. The PHP and javascript code I…

  • Mad Mashups with WordPress – WordCamp 2013 presentation

    This weekend’s WordCamp in Reno was a big success, and I’m proud to have been a speaker and organizer. My presentation, Mad Mashups with WordPress is online. It’s less about coding than last year and more about ideas and examples, with lots of links.

  • Urban Capture update – Google v3 clustering

    This small update to some previous custom Geo Mashup work is the first example in the wild of my recent clustering solution for v3 of the Google Maps API using Marker Clusterer Plus.

  • Washington Foreign Law Society site

    These nice folks needed a fairly simple site on a strict schedule and budget, and looked to Vernal for help. It just required some theme programming and integration work from me. They like the results: Thank you again for all of your hard work on this, and especially for working within our budget. Fabulous work!…

  • Zinn Education Project v2.5

    A happy Vernal Creative client hired us again to do a revamp of their site, focusing especially on the teaching materials browser. The new implementation uses isotope to filter and sort materials in four taxonomies, making Ajax requests as you go for more materials that fit your current criteria. WP Engine handles the growing traffic…

  • Open Data Reno at Hack4Reno

    I had a great time this weekend at the 2nd annual Hack4Reno working on Open Data Reno, a hub to identify both available data pertinent to Reno and unfulfilled needs for data. The site is built on a WordPress theme started by Colin Loretz at last year’s hackathon, and this year I jumped in along…

  • Keshet

    My best challenge for this compendium of Jewish LGBT resources was the highly-classified equality guide geo search. The “I’m looking for” menu (enhanced with Chosen) allows geo searches for specific taxonomy terms and also some pre-defined combinations of terms. The separate, extra-important affiliation selector combines with this choice. Whew! There were lots of other features…

  • Summit Foundation and Fund

    This site needed some crafty template programming to give the appearance of a split personality – one site with two distinct styles. Some jQuery transition effects and a slideshow round out the custom functionality.

  • WordPress Ajax Recipes – my WordCamp Reno talk

    I walk through some “recipes” that add simple Ajax apps to a fresh WordPress install. WordPress Ajax Recipes View more presentations from cyberhobo