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wp-gmThanks for your interest in Geo Mashup! If you want to learn more about what it does and how to use it, visit the GitHub page or play with my hobomap as an example.

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Geo Mashup started as a hobby and eventually helped me transition from a salaried web developer to an independent freelancer. Maybe one cyberhobo can make a good plugin, but it won’t be great unless I make it easy for you to help me. If you can do any of these things, Geo Mashup will benefit:


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  1. Eric – Sometimes a browser will cache scripts – make sure to try a shift-reload or clearing your cache after making changes.

  2. Thanks for your comment. I’ll just leave it this way and wait for the new version, got any idea when it will be ready?

    Another small question:
    As you can see I’m using the a multilanguage plugin for WordPress. Text gets parsed via the php-function langswitch_filter_langs, however, I can’t find the correct file/place to implement it in the GeoMashup plugin. I found that the excerpt is parced in geo-query.php @ line 48, but where is the title parsed?

  3. Hi, I just started using your plugin & it works like a charm.

    Is it possible to add a GeoMashup map in a post using your plugin? Ive seen other plugins do it, but they arent ase user friendly as yours.

    Keep it up!

    I would like to see my site in your Domain list as well 🙂

  4. Thanks! Maps in posts are on the feature list, tho probably not in the next release. Stay tuned…

  5. Hi
    It’s great plugin in, but i have one problem. When i add some location to the old post, i can see it, and everything is ok. But when i add new post, and add a location, this is now visible on the map.
    The location in stuck to the post, but i can not see it on the map.

    Where i am doing sth. wrong?

  6. uros – if your server is in a different timezone, a new post can be considered a future post.

  7. Nice plugin! Super!
    but a question:under Firefox everything Ok, but under IE7 there is a Javasript error. when I click red pin, only show “loading”, but no post,
    Please find an answer for it, thank you!

  8. Kevin, IE is really unhelpful for tracking problems like this, I don’t see the cause right away. Definitely seems to be caused opening the info window – you could try turning off the “auto-open” and see if anything changes. Otherwise I’m just not sure yet.

  9. Thank you! I have tried several times, but not work. I think, this problem is not from IE7,because using IE7 I can see the maps of many other users, and they work very well. May there is a conflict with other plugins. But I can not figure out.

  10. Hi! I’m currently trying to set-up your (awesome) plugin on my multi-user wordpress at, but I can’t set the page-slug at the options page.. It’s shows a blank dropdown. The page that I’m trying to set-up is showing the map, but the categories are not working (since they probably use the page-slug setting?)

    Any clue on what’s going wrong?
    Really appreciate all your work!

  11. Hi Thijs,

    I’m not sure if the plugin works with WP-MU – I’ve had one request to support it, but I’m not sure yet what it would take. I assume you’ve created a page for the map, and it appears under Manage->Pages and all that…

  12. Yes it does, and the page shows the mashup, only the slug doesn’t appear in the drop-down box on the mashup options page…

    Is their a way to set the slug manually in the database option file? (tried to read the line in the options file but couldn’t figure it out entirely :))

  13. The page ID is encoded in geo_mashup_options as a string like this: s:11:"mashup_page";s:4:"1368";, where 1368 is the page ID and 4 is the length of it. The mashup_page part should already be there in the right spot, I think.

  14. a:22:{s:13:”include_style”;s:4:”true”;s:9:”map_width”;s:3:”400″;s:10:”map_height”;s:3:”500″;s:17:”info_window_width”;s:3:”300″;s:18:”info_window_height”;s:3:”175″;s:9:”font_size”;s:2:”75″;s:14:”excerpt_format”;s:4:”text”;s:14:”excerpt_length”;s:3:”250″;s:18:”add_category_links”;s:4:”true”;s:23:”category_link_separator”;s:2:”::”;s:18:”category_link_text”;s:3:”map”;s:19:”category_zoom_level”;s:1:”7″;s:11:”map_control”;s:16:”GSmallMapControl”;s:20:”add_map_type_control”;s:4:”true”;s:20:”add_overview_control”;s:5:”false”;s:9:”show_post”;s:4:”true”;s:11:”show_future”;s:4:”true”;s:10:”google_key”;s:86:”ABQIAAAAVnRPwuYBPMX7vS5tLO3aWBQnv0vIfKBJaaxeldyKI1-4dokszxQfAfxAUEi2Xtxc3l70V4ON8mR2Qw”;s:8:”map_type”;s:12:”G_NORMAL_MAP”;s:10:”zoom_level”;s:0:””;s:13:”category_zoom”;s:1:”7″;s:6:”submit”;s:14:”Update Options”;}

    The mashup_page is not in there, what would the right spot be?
    I tried adding it after the last one but that (probably logically) didn’t work 🙂

  15. my mashup page ID is 2 so the correct syntax would be:

    Am I right?

    This didn’t work, the links now point to

    When I changed it to s:9:”page-slug” it did work!
    (where page-slug is the slug used for the page, not the word page-slug itself :))

    Thanks a lot, big up for the responses!

  16. well, the map thing is not working at the write a post section, only the (if i’m not mistaken) Geo plugin longitude and latitude show. (I’m creating my own post-submitting page, so it’s not troubling me).

    but apart from that I think that should do the trick yeah!

  17. on second notice, my MU set-up isn’t flawless at all (some .htaccess troubles I think) so I might not be the best source when it comes to solving MU issues, as I’m not sure if it’s my server difficulties or if it’s the plugin that should be adapted….

  18. Is it possible to have multiple points on one map? For example, I want to create one map with all of the iPhone retail locations near where I live. Am I missing something?

    thanks for this wicked cool plugin!

  19. hi, when i try to install the plugin locally i get the following error – “Cannot load geo-mashupgeo-mashup.php.” (it looks like a slash is missing) and when i try to manually go to geo-mashup/geo-mashup.php i get this error “Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class geomashup in > on line 35.

    any suggestions on a quick fix?

  20. Hi, is there a way to have a search box on the map page, so users can search for a location and then see what’s relevant to their area? Thanks.

  21. martinc – That’s not a current feature, but not a bad idea either. It might be useful to have a few different kinds of map searches.

  22. sami – some other javascript on your page is erroring out (livesearch.js.php (line 22)). Fixing that might help.

  23. sami – that js is probably put there by another plugin. If “livesearch” sounds like any plugin you’re using, try deactivating it and see if the map works.

  24. I think you’re right about the js, because when I changed the wp theme from TripleK2 (which works with all js including the “livesearch”) to the Default theme, the map shows up. But clicking on the categories map link hie the map 🙁

    So I’m really afraid that Geo Mashup won’t work on all K2 themes

  25. the map shows up after I’ve edited the style.css
    and changed the #primary .entry-content img
    max-width from 100% to none;

    now, the problem is that there are no markers on the map

  26. Map spontaneously stopped displaying today. Anything to do with Google Code server maintenance I see noted on the documentation page? I’ve fooled around with different API keys and redirects trying to get it to work, to no avail. Here’s the page…

    version 1.03 on WP 2.2

  27. How do I incorporate the map on my index page. It works fine as part of a page, but I want it to be on my main blog area. I see that other sites have made it but could not see a reference to that example in the documentation. Any Ideas?

  28. ludmil – in the WordPress reading options you can set your geo mashup page as a static front page for your blog.

  29. thank you for the responce. Unfortunately I wish the to incorporate the map as part of the posts page, rather than keeping it on a separate page. I thought if could incert a piece of code into the header or inxex page of wordpress it would embed the map to my likeing.

  30. ludmil – that can be done with a little template customization and the GeoMashup::the_map() template tag. You might also play with the “Enable Full Post Display” option.

  31. No worries. It may be time to start a google group though – this page is getting a bit long.

    To really get what you want, you’ll probably have to change the map page template to list posts rather than the other way around.

  32. Hello,I’m still battling the map/post issue I’ve posted before. No real progress I just had a revelation might have a chance to do the trick. I can create an ifame in the post page and link a map only page to it. The question is can I generate a page with the map only and eventfully when called in the iframe, would it create conflicts/problems with the posts? I also upgraded from wp 2.2 to 2.2.1 and something strange happens – the map loads ok on a separate page, but disappears as soon it loads.

  33. Looks like the closing brace has been deleted from custom.js.

    I still think it would be easier to display the posts on the map page, but good to see some creativity…

  34. I’ve tried to insert the the Loop code into the page template but nothing happened. How do I generate a page including only the map?

  35. I posted a message yesterday, but new messages have arrived after that one so I’m guessing spam karma took it or something. Trying again.

    I’m having some problems with the post links. When clicking a map link I assume the location of the map should be the coordinates, right? When clicking a link all I get is the default coordinates, as if the parameters don’t work. If I add “zoom”, that one do work.

    Not sure if I missed anything.

    WP version: 2.2
    Geo Mashup version: 1.0.3

    Parameters for the link in post: