Category: Pete’s PCT Journal

  • Day 74 (Pete)

    At dinner Dyl said, “If it wasn’t for pain, we’d probably walk until out feet were broken up like little sticks.” Mine feel half way there. For the last few days my feet have been in agony. I don’t know why this is. My shoes have seemed to be letting my feet over pronate, or […]

  • Day 73 (Pete)

    In all yesterdays rain we forgot to notice, or celebrate, that it was an entirely snowless day. There was not a speck. The last time that happened was our descent into Kennedy Meadows twenty two trail days ago. There were patches here and there; but, I didn’t have to put my foot in any of […]

  • Day 72 (Pete)

    It began pouring about a minute after I capped the pen. It lasted all night. We packed up in the rain. We ate breakfast in the rain. We ate lunch in the rain. It didn’t rain during dinner! We did pitch the tent in the rain. Right now its raining. All our cloths are wet. […]

  • Day 71 (Pete)

    Both today and yesterday I have felt very weathered. Perhaps I am getting sick. Maybe its just two bad days in a row. It hasn’t happened before. That, however, is no reason that it wouldn’t be happening now. We spent the entire day traversing wooded ridges. Seldomly we would descend down into an overgrown canyon […]

  • Day 70 (Pete)

    The light was pretty much gone as we hurriedly ate a desert of mom cookies. As there have been clouds looming all evening, we used the last bit of day to pitch ol’ blue land. Now I can lay down and recount the days events by head lamp. Every building in Sierra City could qualify […]

  • Day 69 (Pete)

    After four days to Burney Falls we will be half way done with the miles, sort of. The things I have learned so far: The world is very large and can be imposing. I am very small. Yet, I have the ability to move across it as I please; and, in many ways, I have […]

  • Day 68

    We ran into J.P. and Abbey around lunch. Just north of Donner Pass, we went to check out the Sierra Clubs Peter Grubb hut. Someone had left some stuff up in the loft. Soon enough we saw who. A young couple sitting out in back of the hut. They looked an awful lot like the […]

  • Day 67 (Pete)

    Today’s views more than compensated for yesterdays lack. Fairly early on, before breakfast, we climbed up onto the Sierra Crest. The trail was to stick close to the top of the ridge all day, dancing from one side to the other. To the west, green wooded foothills rolled off toward the central valley. To the […]

  • Day 66 (Pete)

    The morning we went from Showers lake to Echo lake the snow was icy hard and pitted out with sun cups. The lower elevations make route finding extremely difficult. Before, we were above tree line a great deal of the time. Peaks could be used as references and the topography of the land was much […]

  • Day 65 (Pete)

    I’m writing this on little line notepad paper because the usual unlined 8.5 X 11 sheets in the resupply box never arrived. Along with the guide book, film, all our FOOD. Really, if it had to happen anywhere, this was the place. My Uncle Keith and Aunt Jan have a cabin right near Echo Lake […]