Day 74 (Pete)

At dinner Dyl said, “If it wasn’t for pain, we’d probably walk until out feet were broken up like little sticks.” Mine feel half way there. For the last few days my feet have been in agony. I don’t know why this is. My shoes have seemed to be letting my feet over pronate, or roll inward, which can be a precursor to tendonitis. My right ankle is swollen. In order to stem this tide I have switched to our spare pair of shoes. They already have over five hundred miles on them; but, none the less, they feel better. I have also begun to lie down with my feet elevated at every meal. The only thing currently rivaling my feet is the horrible reoccurring butt chafe I have had the pleasure of enduring the last couple of days. At Burney Falls we should have a new tub of Vaseline in the resupply… Oh, and new shoes.

This isn’t all for naught. We have caught stunning views of snowy Mount Lassen all day. It is the southern most volcanic cone in the Cascade Range. The Cascades are predominantly Oregon and Washington mountains including the famous mountains Hood, Rainier, Olympia, and St. Helens. Hope one of these things doesn’t explode when were walking by.

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