Day 71 (Pete)

Both today and yesterday I have felt very weathered. Perhaps I am getting sick. Maybe its just two bad days in a row. It hasn’t happened before. That, however, is no reason that it wouldn’t be happening now.

We spent the entire day traversing wooded ridges. Seldomly we would descend down into an overgrown canyon bottom. Dylan described how the terrain change has effected him rather well, “Before I always felt like we were endlessly walking through desert; or, endlessly through the mountains. Now I feel like we’re just walking through land.”

We got to see a young bear today. It was a spell up the trail with it’s but to us. Through the trees we quietly observed. Either because of our scent, or simply out of wander lust, it vanished. They are such amazing creatures. I’m writing in Blue Land. Dyl just remarked from outside the entry that there is a young deer sniffing him at twenty five feet. There are many critters in the woodland forest.

It seems that we are rain proof. Hoards of black ominous clouds hovered over us for two days. Today they moseyed on after a mere two minute sprinkle. Four sprinkles so far for the trip. No rain.

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