Category: Climbing

  • As long as the sun is out again…

    …why not one more day of climbing at Sawtooth Ridge? If November keeps dishing up weekend weather like this, maybe we’ll just keep going back. Today Gabe, Kuba, and Kalie join us to climb the rocks and soak up the rays till the sun goes down. Sawtooth Ridge Cragging Routes: Jimmy 5.8, Pollo del Fuego […]

  • What a sweet November crag day

    It verged on too hot at Sawtooth Ridge today! Ann and I felt fortunate to find the gate on Forest Road 6 open, and minimal snow on the ground. We relapsed into full summer mode, then remembered the season again when the sun set at 4:30pm. We repeated two routes at the north end (Hunchy […]

  • Sawtooth Ridge Climbing

    Why have we walked twice as far to Big Chief all this time, when there is climbing much closer to the east at Sawtooth Ridge? No idea. Wes, Aaron, Ann, and I make a successful exploration of this area. The crack Wes and I climb is unpleasantly mossy and dirty, but the sport climbs are […]

  • Crystal Boulder Climbing

    It’s not the day to drive through Truckee, but none of us know it. Ann, Wes, and I blithely plan to check out Sawtooth Ridge, a crag south of Truckee that we’re all curious about. Then we become curious about the many police cars, traffic jams, and bicycles everywhere. Finally I remember: the Tahoe Ironman […]

  • Happy blue skies at Grouse slabs

    Gabe drives Ann and I up to the gloriously clear skies and fine views of Donner pass. We do a little bouldering and all climb the classic Jellyroll Arch 5.8. It feels like summer has re-emerged from the smoke… Gabe climbs the warm up boulder Gabe leads Jellyroll arch Ann and I also […]

  • Mystery Route at Big Chief

    Wes joins Ann and I for some climbing at Big Chief, all of us hoping for breathable air. The smoke is definitely back, but seems tolerable for climbing, and the temperature is perfect. We do a few of our trade routes, and Wes leads his first 5.10a (whoop!), but the highlight of the day is […]

  • City of Rocks becomes our Magic Kingdom

    Ann and I haved always found a special kind of allure in landscapes filled with rocks. You could guess it from hints like our wedding in Joshua Tree, and a month living in a camper in Vedauwoo. We now have a new rock wonderland in our collection of places that call to us in dreams, […]

  • Just right at Big Chief

    Ann and I are becoming regulars at Big Chief this summer. On a not-so-hot day like today it’s about perfect in the morning. We repeat a few of our favorite climbs and and try some new ones until we hit one we can’t finish :D. Routes: War Path 5.8, Route Stealers From Hell 5.10a, Force […]

  • Beach Party

    To make up for some misfired morning climbing at Trippy Rock due to loud people, kids, and pets we have fun at Hidden beach with many friends. Many of us have summer birthdays, which is a good excuse to swim, drink, and get sunburned. Routes: Roto Arete 5.9, First Dose 5.10b

  • Racing lizards home

    In a last vain attempt at morning climbing we rise at 4:30am. Preparations move a little more slowly, and it’s already getting hot when we reach the base of Racing Lizards 5.7. We manage the first pitch in the heat, but decide not to venture further in the baking sun. One last luxurious vacation lunch, […]