Mystery Route at Big Chief

Wes joins Ann and I for some climbing at Big Chief, all of us hoping for breathable air. The smoke is definitely back, but seems tolerable for climbing, and the temperature is perfect. We do a few of our trade routes, and Wes leads his first 5.10a (whoop!), but the highlight of the day is a route marked as “Unknown 5.10b” in our book (on MP it’s Dogfight 5.11-). We all take a stab at leading it, and each of us experience some victory and defeat on the route. I have to cheat and pull on the anchor chains at the top to finish. Good fun!

Routes: War Path 5.9-, Wampum 5.7, Route Stealers from Hell 5.10a, Dogfight 5.11-, Time’s Up 5.9

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