Taste of Hobo Life

My first taste of CyberHobo life has been sweet, but it’s clear I’ll need to push harder if I’m going to survive. I used a family trip to test the hobo waters. There was only time for one job in Bay City, Michigan for Tom Starkweather at his Area Appraisers headquarters. While I wasn’t able to bring new life to an old machine and pile of parts he had on his table, I did manage to network all his computers and update his web page for $15/hr, coffee, and good companionship at the bar afterward. Bay City treated me well, but in the end I didn’t cover my costs for the trip. I’m uncertain at this point of my future as a CyberHobo…

One response to “Taste of Hobo Life”

  1. I just wanna say thank you to all of the people who have changed my life and who have always been here for me. You are always going to have a special spot in my heart……

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