Cyberhobo Hybernation

This website now stands as a sort of memorial to a failed CyberHobo. My vision was that I would use this website to find odd computer jobs across the country. I would help people with their computer woes, live on the cheap, travel, have adventures, and make just enough to survive. And it worked out that way, except for the making enough to survive part.

After becoming homeless, I used my car to reach projects all over the place. But I wasn’t covering my costs – not even close. I was lurking more at my dad’s house in Wyoming, facing the prospect of having to sell my car to him or lose it. I was pawning furniture and selling my musical instruments. Then came the opportunity to take a cush government project in California and I took off my hat and unpacked my tie once again.

I still wonder though, was the Cyberhobo truly unfit for this world? What if I had pushed the website a little harder? Made press releases? Advertised? It was fun being the Cyberhobo, a hilarious identity. I loved handing out my WILL WORK FOR FOOD business card. I loved getting invitations from coast to coast. Should the Cyberhobo rise again one day from the ashes of conventional toil?

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