We roll into Denver and head straight for our reserved 10×15 storage unit. We learn that it’s an upstairs unit, and that we have to squeeze through a small door and elevator to get there. The downstairs units are more expensive – but of course they don’t tell you that when you’re making your reservation. We do some comparison shopping by phone, then decide on an outside unit here.

Two sweaty hours later all our stuff is locked inside, and we’re down to our travel stuff in the Subaru. After dinner I drop the truck off. It feels great. My department head said when I left my job that we are wise to take on this endeavor before we accumulate too much mass. We have traveled over mountains with the bulk of our mass, which we can now leave behind. As our preparations proceed we will become lighter still…


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  1. It’s true, you are lucky to do this now. When I left Grad school, I could fit everything but 8 boxes of books in the back of my pickup. Now, there’s just no way. Dennis says houses are just places where people store junk…and people generally increase the size of their house as they acquire more of it! I say every couple years it’s a good idea to huck it all and start over 8^)

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