cyberhobo home

Ever since I was turned out of a job in the big dotcom bust circa 2001, I’ve tried to find creative ways to travel and make a living, as a hobo would, but wandering the internet as well as the world. Since I’ve spent my working life crafting software of one kind or another, most of my adventures involve computers and the internet in some way. This often contrasts with my love of the outdoors and the open road. Maybe the fate of a cyberhobo is to search forever for a balance between these things. Here you’ll find the products of my search.

Some jumping off points:


The hobomap
I’ve used the Google Maps API to make an interactive map of my ongoing travels.

WordPress Geo Mashup Plugin
The software I developed to power the hobomap has become an active open source project.

WordPress Tally Graph Plugin
Encouraged by Geo Mashup’s success, I mash up WordPress and Google Charts.

Freelance Projects
My portfolio of projects, often related to my own software, that I’ve been hired to do.


The hobolog
My long-standing bulletin and discussion of my personal activities on topics from travel to rock climbing to reviews of things I read and see.

2009 Wyoming Continental Divide Hike
I attempt to hike and map the Wyoming Continental Divide Trail.

Continental Divide Hike
My honeymoon hike along the spine of North America.

US Perimeter Tour
My 13,400-mile bike tour around the United States.

Pacific Crest Trail Hike
1700 miles on the crest of California.