Some time has passed since I worked with on this site for athletes using the Trakker GPS system, but I see the site has since gone live. This was a heavy customization involving a modified Geo Mashup 1.2 and ExtInfoWindow library. There are a lot of little visual treats awaiting visitors in the various maps on the site. Other challenges were highly specific templates – the info window in some global maps behaves differently than in similar maps on other pages. I learned some good things that will increase the flexibility of Geo Mashup in the future, although I still don’t have an easy solution to things like visually customized info windows.

Islands of LA

Islands of LA SnapshotThis art project based on the concept of traffic islands as public space uses maps as one of many perspectives on the subject. Fairly standard Geo Mashup customizations are used in creative ways to produce engaging interactions. For a project with a limited budget, you may find it difficult to stop browsing, even if you’re nowhere near Los Angeles.

Today is the second anniversary of the project, which looks like it has a long life ahead of it.

No Impact Project Event Map

No Impact Project Event MapThis is a simple presentation of events on a map, with a fun spotlight effect for highlighting a particular event. Geo Mashup needed some significant work to associate a date with a post location – a feature that will now be included in the next release.

The No Impact Project promotes a new book and movie about a family that went to extremes for a year to reduce their environmental impact. I like the movie clip under “see it” – my guess is that most of us will identify with Mom’s experience.

Network of Ensemble Theatres

NET Snapshot Teamed up with Vernal Creative again, we put Geo Mashup to work mapping and listing the theaters that belong to this organization. The presentation is simple and effective, but it also exemplifies the way Geo Mashup makes WordPress into a GeoCMS. The map is really a map of WordPress pages, but in this context a located page is a theater. WordPress gives you posts and pages, Geo Mashup locates them for you, and you give them meaning for yourself and your audience.

Soon, Geo Mashup will locate users and comments for you also…