Red Bull Air Force Altimeter

Red Bull Air Force SnapshotI worked with to use Geo Mashup to manage the geo content of this team of skiing, skydiving, BASE-jumping, paragliding maniacs. This site makes especially good use of Geo Mashup’s full post display and tabbed category index to create a highly interactive map for exploring the content of the site.

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3 thoughts on “Red Bull Air Force Altimeter

  1. i’m not crazy about the design of that site, but i love that you’re getting such fun projects to work on.

  2. That’s how it is for me too. Usually I like the design of sites I work on, sometimes not. Either way, the design isn’t mine to be proud of. If the geo content works well, I feel good.

  3. Wow i like this is refreshing….not tiny, straight in the face…great use of dynamic sidebar…

    yeaaaah is a good incarnation of website build in a blog…



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