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wp-gmThanks for your interest in Geo Mashup! If you want to learn more about what it does and how to use it, visit the GitHub page or play with my hobomap as an example.

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Geo Mashup started as a hobby and eventually helped me transition from a salaried web developer to an independent freelancer. Maybe one cyberhobo can make a good plugin, but it won’t be great unless I make it easy for you to help me. If you can do any of these things, Geo Mashup will benefit:


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  1. Thanks! The photos aren’t the problem, though – I don’t include any images yet in the summary that pops up. I do use h1 tags though, and they’re not being styled well. I have to go now, but I’ll be back with some more details.

  2. Ok, I’m back. My plan for handling style so far has been to use the same classes as WordPress does by default (storytitle,blogdate,storycontent, and meta). Hopefully this will make the info window look like the blog, but it still depends on the stylesheet. I use <h1 class=”storytitle”>, where you might have styled for the h3 tag instead. Also, it seems like fonts may still be too big most of the time with this apporach.

    I think what I need is to shrink the fonts by some amount by default, with a setting to override this .

  3. Looks good. I started creating my own page with code from google. I was able to display the map where I live , but no posts. With your plugin, I see my post, but don’t see the map. It says we don’t have maps at this zoom level, try zooming out. I do this but still don’t see any map. What do I do now?
    Thanks, jim

  4. Jim, thanks for the test! I’m encouraged that the plugin is at least installing and running for some folks.

    It looks like it’s getting your lattitude and longitude reversed, and putting you somewhere in Antartica! Could you have entered them in the wrong fields in your post?

  5. Plugin is great, took a little playing with to get the coords right and figure out long lat format. I kept ending up in China. Figures out long for west should be entered as a negative. Plugin is working great, should be a good addition to my blog since I blog from all over the country. Thanks

  6. I’m enjoying this, though its not quite ready to go live on my site yet. For some reason its working fine in IE, but firefox and opera are refusing to play when it comes to the infowindow. for where it will be when fully working.

    Not too sure why its doing it with those two browsers, but my error log is showing lots of ‘null’ in it… Sure i’ll figure it out at some point 🙂

    Lovely concept though, and will be a great addition to my site when travelling!

  7. update:

    I now know whats causing the problem – its the wordpress/gallery plugin wpg2

    for some reason with that active the Geo Mashup wont work corectly (even in IE you have to force a refresh the first time you visit – with ff doing that still wont populate the info window with the details).

    Disable wpg2 and Geo Mashup works like a charm 🙂

  8. Comments from a novice:

    – the “geo plugin” php doesn’t download nicely as a file. When I cut out the extra stuff at the top and bottom, it worked fine.

    – I would suggest a short comment showing the right lat/lon format would be useful.

    – I’m not sure what the instructions mean by “Choose the page slug in the options.” Perhaps I need to know more about WordPress.

    I don’t have it working yet.

    Thanks for your work on this.

  9. I’ve updated the documentation with some more information and links to help with these issues. Thanks!

  10. awesome plug in…

    …if i can get it to work…

    Trying to use your plugin on WP2, setup exactly per your instructions (modified or confirmed head tag, body tag) and instead of using the quicktag (which i’ve been having on and off success with other plugin’s) i made a map page template with the php code written in. I’ve also gone to the plug in files and removed the whitespace after the /php tag.

    As the page loads, the status bar shows traffic to google, and when complete there’s a large hole where the map should be. But no map to see. This is in Firefox and explorer.

    My wordpress is recently installed as of a 2 days ago with the freshest versions. Word press is not installed in the root, but in root/blog

    Could this be a problem? i don’t see how, but maybe?

    If you have any ideas, i’d love to hear them 🙂

    Direct link to map page is here:

  11. Hi Ben –

    The geo-mashup directory in your plugins directory is not correctly named. Yours is named after the zip file: geo-mashup_tags-0.3-beta. This zip file contains a properly named subdirectory, but I don’t see that on your site. Anyway, rename that directory and things should improve greatly.


  12. I too am having problems with geo-mashup. the map with its controls appear, but it has no contents. I have two posts with coordinates entered. Any ideas?

  13. Ok, it is now working (my mistake), but only in IE. In firefox, the map does not display, but the info box does. The only plugins I have enabled are geo and geo-mashup, so I have nothing left to disable.

  14. Just tried downloading don’t seem to be able to ‘extract’ the downloaded file. There is no file extension. Double clicking brings the file association box, tried unzip says no file. Any ideas? Thanks.

  15. Craig,

    Sorry for the trouble. I’ve changed the link to download from my own site – this should work in all browsers.


  16. Hi Dylan
    Thanks for the really quick responses, got it uploaded now. Starting to play with it. Thanks

  17. Dear Cyberhobo,
    I’m trying to use the Geomashup plugin in my website, but I can’t solve a problem with the Geo Plugin. I’ve activated it, I’ve followed your instructions, but I can’t see longitute and latitude boxes when I write posts in Advanced Editing page.
    I Use WordPress 1.5.2
    Could you help me?
    Thank you!

  18. I have WordPress 2.0.1 and ver 0.3 of mashup, works fine except if I go back and edit a post, I have to re-enter the coordinants. With old wordpress the coords were still on the edit page but with the new, the boxes to enter the coords are blank and are dropped from the post. Makes it kind of annoying to have to re-enter coords if you are editing a post.

    It seems wp 2.0.1 broke more plug-ins than ever. I have been trying to get things to settle down since upgrading.

    Thanks for the great plug-in.

  19. Hi cyberhobo,
    I love theplugin – it works a treat – one things I’d like a little help with – how can I get the map to display on all pages in my blog rather than the one with slected slug?

    Thanks in advance,


  20. Thanks for all the complements, and the support forum post! I hope recovers soon. If it’s down long I’ll post my last backup of the documentation.

  21. The problem I stated above is now fixed, though I don’t consider it solved. I disabled the cookie-setting javascript in geo-mashup.js and deleted all cookies associated with this domain and now it works. For some reason, browsers are caching this way too long and not unsetting the cookie. What is the reason for a cookie anyway?

  22. It worked for me before you did the mods, I think. I wonder if you’re seeing some of the browser cacheing effects others have noticed.

    The cookies are used to remember where the user has browsed on the map, so if they return to the page the map looks the same as when they left it. They should just be session cookies – they’re cleared when I exit my browser.

  23. Nice plugin — thanks!

    It doesn’t seem to have picked up all my geotagged posts. I’ve got a bunch of entries from all over North America, but it’s not seeing ones from a few months back.

    It would also be really nice if you could have the maps show the extents of ones travels.

  24. You’re welcome!

    Older versions (I’m not sure which) of the Geo plugin stored coordinates in the ‘post’ table, instead of the currently used ‘postmeta’ table. All I can think of is that your older geotagged posts have the location stored in the old spot.

    I like the idea of having a permalink available on the map so you can link to whatever particular view you want.

  25. geo.php (geo info in the options tab) is installed & activated, BUT when i press the geo mashup tab, i see a message about that the geo plugin isn’t installed.
    i use latest wp, geo.php and geo-mashup

  26. Thanks for this great plugin. Have you plans to port it to google api v2. Only with v2 there is now the street level map and high resolution sat map in germany and most part of europe.

  27. Yes, I will make a release for v2! Unfortunately I’m crunched with a lot of projects right now, so it may not be as timely as I’d like.

  28. It would be great if you could update to google api v2 before they turn off api v1.

    Accoording to api v1 will turn off very soon (around mid-late may. My knowlege in javascript is not so good as i could do the changes. What i found so far is that openInfoWindowXslt()is not more supported in api v2.

  29. Don’t worry, I won’t leave you hanging. Google promises here to give two weeks notice before shutting off v1. If necessary I’ll do an emergency v2 release, but I would rather take the time to add in some of the cool v2 features, and account properly for the removal of XSLT support in v2.

  30. Hi! I’m from Italy and i want to use your plugin in my wordpress site to show geographic location of places.
    Can you please update the plugin to google maps api version 2 (recently released) because in version 1 the support for european and italian maps is very small…
    I changed just the version of the api, but this is not enough due to the lookup to yahoo xml fails for all italian addresses…

  31. Hi,
    Thank you for this great plugin.

    I have a little feature request:
    I use the “Static frontpage plugin” to have a “page” as frontpage (i would like to have the map right on the frontpage). Unfortunately, the map doesn’t work on the startpage because the url isn’t the one of the page i configured in the mashup-plugin options. I tried to set the value in the database to “” or “/”, but that hasn’t worked out.
    Would that be a big thing to implement?
    Kind regards

  32. Version 0.4 was working perfecktly for me. Thanks for the fast adaption to api v2. I just updated to Version 0.4.1, after that i got the issue with Info windows say “Loading…” but never load. When i go back to 0.4 it is working again. Any Idea ?

  33. Awesome plug-in! I’ve gotten it up and running and it’s more or less smooth.

    I have two questions.

    First, I’m having a problem where when I click on a post, it says loading, then never does.

    Second, is there any way to show only one category of posts on the map at a time. For example, only posts from the category events. Then only posts from the category travel, etc.?

    Thanks and best wishes.

  34. Fair enough. A lot more goes into an icon than just an image though, as you can see here. It would have to be a carefully designed interface.

  35. Problem solved! Thanks for the help. I have one more question:

    1. How can I set the map to show only the titles of posts and not excerpts, as on your blog? I can’t, for the life of me, figure it out.

    I’m going to try to hack it so that it maps links from my upcoming events calendar, then gets rid of them when the events are over. I’ll let you know if I ever get it figured out. Might be awhile 🙂


  36. Hi there, I really like the look of this plugin, it looks like it’s just what I’m after to be honest.

    However, I’ve followed the installation instructions as well as I can and the end result is that nothing seems to show up on my map page. I think I know what the issue may be though.

    It says to make the body tag look like this – >

    But I’m using the K2 Theme, and I’ve looked and looked for the body tag, but all I can find is a stuff here)>

    I’ve tried putting in there, but to no affect. Any suggestions?

    Thank you

  37. Oops, it seems to have deleted the code I put in.

    The body tag should be something like

    (Without the spaces)

    All I can find in the K2 header is a bodyclass= tag – putting it in there has no effect