Category: Dylan’s PCT Tape Journal

  • Day 58 (Tape)

    Wednesday, June 12th. We waited in Tuolumne Meadows until noon. Peter’s package didn’t show up, so the plans for his graduation donning of the suit are dashed for the moment. We left a fowarding address to Echo Lake. We’ll see what happens. Ah, promply after the package didn’t show up, and after stuffing ourselves with […]

  • Day 57 (Tape)

    Still Tuesday, June 11th. Peter’s package with his graduation suit in it didn’t show up here. And it’s long past due, and ah, nobody knows where it is. So it looks like we’re going to be staying an extra day in Tuolumne Meadows to see if it shows up tomorrow. And if it doesn’t, then […]

  • Day 56 (Tape)

    Okay this entry for, I guess, Monday June 10th. Interesting day. Um, let’s see. That was actually yesterday. ——— I had to stop there and watch a deer meander out of our way. So yeah, it was yesterday. It was interesting day because it was through the same area that I had ah taken a […]

  • Day 55 (Tape)

    Ok, it’s Sunday June 8, and, 9th. June 9th. And I’m cocooned in my sleeping bag. This time to escape the mosquitos. They’re swarming outside, we just ate dinner out in em. And even after covering ourselves in bug goop I think ah, I’ve got a few hundred bites, here and there. And it was […]

  • Day 54 (Tape)

    Saturday June 8th. And, we just kind of ah… there’s this little ford, Fish Creek. We are doing kind of an alternate route to the PCT, lower down, out of the snow, because I lost my sunglasses. And we just tried to do this ford. And looking back on it, we might have done it […]

  • Day 53 (Tape)

    Friday June 7th, early in the morning. I’m walkin along the San Joaquin River. Very low elevation. We dipped below 8000 feet here, just barely. At the bottom of this ah, descent. And I find myself, I mean, the walking is easy, the environment is nice. The trail has not even a hint of snow. […]

  • Day 52 (Tape)

    It’s late in the day, June 6th, Thurday. We are contemplating THE BIGGEST, BY FAR ford that we’ve done. Pete’s doing a dry run without a backpack right now. He’s in to his waist, about. Not even halfway across, he’s having trouble walking. He’s turning around. Looks like the water’s too fast, gets too deep. […]

  • Day 51 (Tape)

    Okay! Wednesday, June… 5th, I think. Ah, the first thing that happened to us in the morning was waltzed over and I took a look at that little old river we had to cross. And I believe my eyes did get a little wide when I saw it. It was ah, a big river. Rushing. […]

  • Day 50 (Tape)

    Yeah I guess then it turns into June 4 today. We woke up at Rae Lakes this morning. Covered with frost. But warm and toasty nonetheless. And ah, just started to head down. And we went past other lakes, and the snow was a pain in the butt. There were these sun cups. The sun […]

  • Day 49 (Tape)

    K, today’s June 4th. I missed a couple days here. The, the batteries in my microcassette recorder finally out, and that ah led me to figure out that I had been recording stuff on the, over ah, I’ve been recording over earlier entries on my previous tape. So, thankfully, I would’ve done it more except […]