Day 57 (Tape)

Still Tuesday, June 11th. Peter’s package with his graduation suit in it didn’t show up here. And it’s long past due, and ah, nobody knows where it is. So it looks like we’re going to be staying an extra day in Tuolumne Meadows to see if it shows up tomorrow. And if it doesn’t, then forwarding it on to Echo Lake in chance that, hopes that it might get there in time. But ah, Peter’s plans for his graduation date, June 15th, ah are looking like they may be shattered. So, it’s a pretty depressing moment. Ah, a lot of this trip has revolved around that as the major symbol of, of the trip, and the ensuing documentation and project, and really the whole meaning of the trip is represented by that symbol. So he’s bummed that it’s lost. We’re going to do everything we can, which seems like very little right now, to find out where it is.


Well we’re in Tuolumne Meadows still.

Monique: TM.

Still Tuesday, the ah 11th of June, and I’ve just gotten a, an on the fly haircut.

Pete: Outstanding haircut.

Outstanding haircut, I haven’t seen it yet.

Monique: by Marvelous Monique Penter.

Marvelous Monique Penter, who is here on the spot live right now, cutting Pete’s hair. And looks like she’s having a blast doing it. Now, I’ve ah, I’m dying to ask, how long have you been giving spontaneous haircuts to the customers here at TM?

Monique: about an hour.

1 hour of experience, and already she’s turned out one Beatles’ bowl haircut, and is well on her way to a Buddy Holly! It’s gonna be haircuts of the stars at TM! This place is gonna be famous.

Pete(singing): at the Monique salon. Ping!

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