Day 58 (Tape)

Wednesday, June 12th. We waited in Tuolumne Meadows until noon. Peter’s package didn’t show up, so the plans for his graduation donning of the suit are dashed for the moment. We left a fowarding address to Echo Lake. We’ll see what happens.

Ah, promply after the package didn’t show up, and after stuffing ourselves with food all morning, we hit the trail. Ah, haven’t really talked about ah, alternatives for the animation or stuff we were working on that revolved around the suit. Pete seemed depressed to me, for a little while. He walked slow, which he never does. And, I felt depressed a little bit too, mostly just because I feel far away from Camella, she’s not having much fun without me. Not that she’d be having much more with me, but I just feel bad for her, I feel like I’ve left her in a place that she hates with no real way out except to wait. And I feel like, maybe I had no idea what I was doing when I took this trip.

But we walked 15 miles in half a day. Not 15, 14. Did a couple of tough stream fords and camped on the other side. Ah, we’re in Yosemite. Big smooth rocks, pretty place. It’s actually, actually the nature is kind of speaking to me, I’ve been doing some writing, just kinda lyrical poetic type of stuff for the first time on the trip. But ah, it’s partially just because of my mood I think. Maybe I’m just more receptive to it now. Kind of ah, speaking to me in a sobering voice. Not bad and not good, just kind of raw nature the way it is. Impartial.

Just gettin dark. And we got some clothes wet crossing the stream, they’re out to dry, and we pitched the tent tonight. First time in a long time. And I’m feeling tired, I’m gonna crawl in my bag and go to sleep.

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