CDT Itinerary

Trying to guess where and when we will be someplace on a hike this long is surprisingly complicated! We’ve started with a spreadsheet that estimates our progress at an average of 15 miles per day. I went a little nuts with the actual spreadsheet, which now has about a thousand columns with indecipherable formulas.

This table has just the supply points, while the excel spreadsheet has all the gory details. Future posts will explain how supplies will be mailed, and you can send us something if you like!

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  1. Dylan –

    Your site is FANTASTIC! I am impressed with the CDT itinerary you have too. I’m printing it out for comparisons on mileage. Yogi and I are heading southbound. We just put together sections and mileage from JL maps last week. I know he says his mileages run on the low side. But you came up with quite a bit more mileage than we did. Guess you’ll have a longer hike! giggle.

    I thank you for sharing your life with all of us. What an entertaining and interesting site you have provided.

    Hope we meet on the trail.

    Gottago – Linda

  2. Thanks for your complements! I hope you found the link to your site, which I can see is the subject of much love & effort as well. Sharing your experiences really is a gift – one that is usually appreciated silently, and only by a few who know what goes into it. I think you are especially inspirational to women who want to go adventuring but are stopped by the many obstacles they face.

    Keep in mind we compiled this itinerary entirely from the oft-criticized “official” guidebooks. But we too are using Jonathan Ley’s maps, and we have no idea where the conflicts are yet. So I would actually be interested to see your itinerary too.

    I hope we cross paths also. Cheers!

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