Category: Web Development

  • CCB website goes live with TYPO3

    After sitting on it for a while, the Center for Computational Biology at the University of Colorado has gone live with the website I built for them. I reused the graphics from their previous website, but migrated the whole thing to the TYPO3 content management system, adding WYSIWYG editing, user registration, a multiple mailing list […]

  • view-tags plugin

    Since the Radical Wacko was nice enough to ask, I did write a WordPress Plugin to help create the post viewer form in my hoboview menu. WordPress comes with template tags for creating the category selector, but I had to make the date selector and sort order radio buttons myself. I also included a tag […]

  • Reverse Order Button

    I coded up this nice little button that allows you to reverse the current sort order of posts, so you can look at earliest or latest posts first. Right now I have the button just below the page header – try it out. It’s a nice, clean, satifying bit of code. I’m running WordPress-1.0.1, but […]

  • New Lines to Paragraphs

    WordPress, the software behind this site, uses a function called autop(), originally written by Photo Matt, to convert new lines to proper HTML paragraphs. It didn’t really handle some common HTML structures too well, so tonight I took a stab at hacking it a bit. Code follows.