Hackathon Hangover

I’ve had enough of my computer at the moment…yet I think that’s interesting enough to post about. Intellectually I know that Hack4Reno, a 24-hour competition to build an application that benefits the city, was a great experience. I pushed my limits and with a team of 4 (and much needed assistance from a talented roving designer) developed both iPhone and Android apps that interact with a central WordPress website. I’ll put it up somewhere stable so people can play with it when I recover.

But right now, man, I feel like I stayed up all night drinking and brawling! I unfortunately flubbed our final app presentation and left feeling disappointed at that. An hour of sleep has only amplified my discomforts. I’m going to try my best not to think about computers for a while. I kind of know I’ll get better because if I tease myself for having sour grapes it makes me laugh. With that I’m off to read a book and sleep it off!


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