Compare Everytrail and ActiveTrails

I’ve uploaded my last outing to both Everytrail and ActiveTrails to do a little feature comparison. You can follow the links and play with each yourself. I come out leaning towards ActiveTrails, which has a nice simple interface and does things like printing with grace. Everytrail has a few more features for editing content, and provides an embedded trip view:

(Removed embedded map due to an IE problem)

That may be attractive to bloggers (although the photo doesn’t seem to be working). Which is nicer for blog readers?

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7 thoughts on “Compare Everytrail and ActiveTrails

  1. That’s a point I hadn’t looked closely at.

    Both have USGS topos, just a different control for switching.

  2. my hiking has decreased by say .. 95% since you left ’til now. crazy. boulder about 3x as much tho.

  3. The photos worked for me with full screen.
    When your out there, how do you update your position to geo? All I got is my mobile, I’m still looking for a way to enter my position in the header or text.

  4. On the CDT I sent posts to my blog via email, and had to write my own software to parse the position from the header and save it.

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