“Operation Aborted” error in Internet Explorer

A recent change to Google Maps brought this gremlin to the hobomap and many other Google Maps API users also. I found the explanation at Mapki. The cardinal sin is putting the map-creating javascript inside a <div> or other tag. It has to be right before the closing body tag.

This is a bit painful for some users of my geo mashup plugin. I’ve tried to remove all requirements on the page template, but this imposes a requirement again: the <?php wp_footer() ?> tag must be right next to the </body> tag, and not enclosed by other tags. Thankfully many existing templates meet this requirement already.


2 responses to ““Operation Aborted” error in Internet Explorer”

  1. I set up your map plugin yesterday to track bear and wolf sightings in Yellowstone. Works great in safari and firefox, but getting errors in IE as you mentioned above. Is there a solution available.

  2. Cool! I take it that moving your <?php wp_footer(); ?> tag next to </body> didn’t work? I tried your URL, but it’s timing out.

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