Farewell Pete

Pete‘s going away party is one of those gatherings that attracts people I haven’t seen in years. I stay up too late and reconnect with some friends, but I’ve never been good at saying goodbye. I just can’t make the realization hit me – it always comes after they’re gone.

2 responses to “Farewell Pete”

  1. I put a comment at the Pete link in this posting. Then I noticed this message said “No comments yet.” Makes sense but spoiled my attempt to add a humorous note. So, this is just another work-around to overcome limitations of someone’s application.

    Actually, your website is better than pretty nice “software” Dylan.

    I hope your feeling bad at Toby’s wasn’t “hung over” due to too much farewell partying.

  2. Right, your first comment is attached to the older “Pete” post, but will be duly appreciated there, I think!

    I fear that alcohol consumption had something to do with my sorry condition the following day.

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