hoboclips blog launched

Not long ago I started using Bloglines to read blogs and various other internet sites of interest to me. A lot of sites I like are “Link Blogs” that mostly link to other interesting stuff with a little commentary. The hobolog is not that kind of blog, but Bloglines makes it easy to publish a low-effort link blog, so I’ve started my own: hoboclips.

8 responses to “hoboclips blog launched”

  1. Yes, the posts are a link to something I found interesting and maybe a comment about why it interested me. It’s not the most user friendly thing, sometimes you have to click through two links to get to the actual article, but it’s not bad for free!

  2. I just wished bloglines would put in some sort of comments section to allow you to comment on someone elses comments, etc. I know it’s silly, but comments are one of the driving things behind blogs.

  3. I still have SK running, but I’m suspicious that something’s not right. Now and then a batch of spam shows up, and the settings seem to change every time I load the configuration page. But it’s still a lot better than the alternatives! I figured maybe I’d look at it again when I go to WP 1.5.

    I sent Bloglines a request for a comments feature, at least for members. Maybe someday it will show up.

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