Anonymous Donation?

Up until now, my associate links to Amazon (mostly from movie and book reviews) have generated one DVD sale, resulting in $0.72 for! BLING BLING! I never expected to get rich from these links which are really intended as a way to get more information about the subject of the post. So I was a little surprised to see my earnings jump from $0.72 to a whopping $19.62 overnight! Someone placed a hefty computer book order, books I don’t link to anywhere, and somehow I got the referral credit. I don’t think there is a way for me to find out who it was. If this was done intentionally (I don’t even know how to do it), thanks! If it was an Amazon mistake, well, woop woop!

4 responses to “Anonymous Donation?”

  1. I believe if you link any product to Amazon via your associate ID, you get a commission for any sale the user does during that session, not just the products you have listed.

  2. I ordered a bunch of computer books (Mac OS X programming) from Amazon recently. I hope you benefitted. Now that I know that it’s possible, I’ll try to make sure it happens in the future. Best wishes.

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