Name the evergreen



I’ve been inspired by my Mom’s book, Great Lakes Nature, to start identifying a new plant on my outings. For this one, I picked the tree behind Jezze in this picture.


I’ve also taken a closeup of the needles and cones of the tree, and the bark. Each cone has a single seed inside. Anyone care to guess what it is?

2 responses to “Name the evergreen

  1. Hey how very cool that you are doing my Naming Nature thing. I’m guessing it’s some sort of juniper. Our junipers in the Great Lakes tend to be stubby and spreading but I think out west they get to be trees.

  2. Righto! I won’t solicit more specific guesses on this one, because I now see two possibilities. Initially I thought it was a One-Seed Juniper (Juniperus monosperma) because of the grey-green needles. I might be a little far north for these, though. The similar Utah Juniper (Juniperus osteosperma) is supposed to be more yellow-green, but ranges north to Wyoming.

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