Lower Arthur’s Rock


It’s a bright, sunny day, but there’s a cold wind blowing. We follow Dave and Lisa to Lower Arthur’s Rock at Lory State Park. There’s the usual parking permit to deal with, and the trail up the arroyo is more like a bobsled track in places, but the rock is dry, out of the wind, and ours. There’s a small number of good quality problems on it, at all levels. This spot looks like it will be good well into the summer. Upper Arthur’s Rock is supposedly still a good hike from here, and has more problems.

4 responses to “Lower Arthur’s Rock”

  1. So why are you standing on your head? Are we combining yoga and rock climbing?

    And I really like your flickr program. It’s a great way to look at all your pictures.

  2. Ann has found a quick headstand to be an effective warmup.

    I like Flickr too – it looks really promising, and is definitely the best free photo sharing service I’ve tried.

  3. Thanks to Mom B for pointing out the FlickR-I hadn’t noticed that feature. Neato. I liked watching the slideshow-it was *almost* an animation of Ann doing the headstand with those snowshoes on. Fun bouldering area too!

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