Bouldering in Morrison


Morrison is a small but appealing spot proposed by our friends Dave and Lisa when the foothills look a little snowy for Eldorado Canyon. The south facing, overhanging sandstone faces catch the sun, turning a cold morning into a hot day. The spot is a little crowded, but the locals are so laid back and welcoming that it hardly matters. The more pads, the merrier. One woman especially, Annette, seems to have a hundred problems per square foot wired and happily helps all find something to work on. Ann and I are not at all used to overhanging problems, and it feels like a first step down a long road. Long, but today at least, really pleasant.

2 responses to “Bouldering in Morrison”

  1. Wow, Looks like a beauty of a day. Warm up really good before you do steep stuff…you’ll get good at heel/toe hooks and knee bars if you keep it up! I like this shot cause you can see how steep it is and also the hand hold. FUN!

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