Horsetooth Reservoir

penny problem

With a clear sky and temperatures soaring into the 60s, we weren’t the only ones that headed up to Horsetooth for some bouldering. We met Lisa there with her 3-month-old Dyson on his first bouldering outing. It didn’t take long to shred the fingertips, but it sure felt good. Very nice also to finally get introduced to some of the problems at this local area.

2 responses to “Horsetooth Reservoir”

  1. Looks beautiful! Glad you shredded your tips Dude! Quite a crowd was out, did you bring Jezebel? Last time we went to the Happies, there were more dogs than people…

  2. Yes, Jezze even played with some other dogs! We were starting to worry that she’d become a snobby old lady, because she won’t play with other dogs at the dog park (the place where dogs are actually ALLOWED to run off leash, of course). I made sure to get her on a dog problem too.

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