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momA number of years ago I helped my mom get set up with a web host and a copy of Dreamweaver, and she managed to build a website for her business. She always described it as “a little funky”. Navigation and broken links were always a problem, and she struggled sometimes with presenting the many images she produces.

This year I’ve been working with Typo3, an open source Content Management System (CMS), and when Mom visited this Christmas I decided to see if we could build her a new website using Typo3. A CMS is a differently world conceptually from Dreamweaver, and at first she struggled. After a few days, she started getting excited. Now she’s gone to town, and has a well-organized, professional-looking website to show for it. She’s been putting up fresh, interesting content daily, and has never had to learn a lick of HTML!

Check out Mom’s new site!

2 responses to “New Site for Mom”

  1. Dude!

    Your Mom is *brave*. I read about her lumpectomy experience. Geesh to go through all that in one day is just amazing.

    I like her site, it was easy to maneuver around and I like how it’s set up.


  2. I was blown away by that piece too! If that sort of writing is any indication of what’s to come, her new site is going to be a treasure. Of course at the same time I don’t wish any more of that kind of experience for her.

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