Horsetooth Reservoir


I peer over at the fun roof I just climbed on toprope, during which Ann was too busy waiting to catch me when I flew off to snap a picture. But I managed to keep myself scrunched up in there with my hands working quickly into the smooth crack long enough to get over it. The Rotary Park wall at Horesetooth Reservoir is home of a few good but short toprope problems – just a few minutes of driving from our house. There is much more bouldering here, and I hope to come back with the crash pad before long. The weather has been perfect for being outside and I hope I finish my after-hours web project soon enough to enjoy more of it.

2 responses to “Horsetooth Reservoir”

  1. So Happy you guys were out climbin. That looks rad! I did my 3rd trad lead a couple of weekends ago. Alabama Hills…Ted’s Shredd at Paul’s Paradise wall. It was mellow and fun and way too short.

  2. I think I remember that one – right around the corner from Ann’s first bolted leads!

    I think you could get good at trad leading by practicing at Fossil Falls – I wished I’d done more of that. ‘Eagle,’ for instance, isn’t too short!

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