We Move to Fort Collins


Once again we schlep our stuff, this time from the storage locker in Denver to a house we have rented near campus in Fort Collins. The process looks eerily similar to the scene when we packed up last March.

3 responses to “We Move to Fort Collins”

  1. Ain’t movin’ fun?
    My folks always use to say, “The next move we make is to the cemetery.” It was true for my dad, but not my mom.
    Another favorite was, “Three moves – same as a fire”, because it seems like stuff gets lost or broke in each movie. Although Kelly was always really good with our stuff. I never felt that way.
    My favorite saying? “ANYBODY will help you move once. Only your TRUE friends will help you move twice.” (LOL);-D

  2. My dad has been a saint. Not only has he helped me move many times, he packed and moved my C**P out of his house on his own while I was on the trail. There’s TRUE friends, then there’s family!

  3. In fourth grade I lost my favorite Oingo Boingo cassette tape during a move from socal to nocal. About 10 years later, as I was moving out of the house, I finally found it. It was strange seeing that tape, and even stranger how happy it made me feel. The attachment I had for it had long since been disolved, but recovery was still joyous.

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