Day 117

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Lowland Campground to Delmoe Lake
23 mi ::
1708 mi ::
Sunny, hot

I spend the morning on roads, even a few miles of pavement. This includes my first crossing of I-15. It�s strange to imagine this ribbon of pavement running south through Las Vegas to Cajon Pass, where I crossed it hiking the Pacific Crest Trail with Pete in 1996.

Once I reach the Elk Park trailhead, I enjoy 8 miles of trail winding though forest and big granite boulders.

The descent to Delmoe Lake s crisscrossed with ATV trails. My maps warn me to ignore them, but when I see a big sign saying, �Delmoe Lake Trail�, and pointing down an ATV track, I decide to give it a try. This leads to a long afternoon of bushwhacking. I kind of enjoy the change. Just for added fun I navigate without a compass, using the sun to estimate bearings.

I emerge on a road at 6.30 p.m. The campground is half a mile out of my way, but I go there and find a note from Ann. By 7:30 I�m in camp with her again.

We�re both suffering from mid-trip doldrums. The days seem routine and repetitive – me ticking off miles, Ann filling up with gas and ice and waiting for me. It takes effort to find the variety around us. I have to remind myself how beautiful it is out here with gentle breezes and no biting bugs.

I hope this despondency is temporary. In the meantime we�re thinking of ways to spice things up, and pressing on.

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