Day 106

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Beaver Lake to Grizzly Park
17 mi ::
1450 mi ::
Sunny, warm

It’s wet, chilly morning. I linger in bed for a while because Ann is meeting me today, and I don’t have too far to go.

After two more meadowy divide crossings I start following Strawberry Creek into the Bob Marshall Wilderness. It takes me quite a few miles to Bowl Creek, which I follow up. There are lots of gentle valleys that run roughly parallel to the divide in this country, and the trail spends a lot of time in them. I learn to appreciate the amazing spider webs in the woods. They’re often 10 feet or more up, between trees even farther apart. Of course, many are right at face level too, and sometimes I get a spider in the face. They don’t stick around through, they zip away almost as if they can fly. They must be incredible acrobats to spin such webs.

At Grizzly Park I bathe in the creek. The contrast between to cold water and hot sun is amazing.

Ann shows up, resupplies me, and we plan our next meeting at Benchmark in 2-1/2 days. We have a pretty campsite next to the creek, and a beautiful evening to spend together.

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  1. I didn’t mention that Ann had to backpack solo through grizzly country to meet me with supplies. An addition to worrying about bears, the trail had been rerouted and lengthened, so her navigation skills were tested. For the last couple of miles we used little radios to communicate about what had happened. This was the bravest thing Ann did for me on this trip (even if she swears never to do again).

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