We Go

The time for planning is over, and the time to act has arrived. Today we tried to accomplish all our leftover tasks in downtown Denver without the car, which we left with Sarah yesterday. We acquired some books to read, replaced lost sunglasses, bought more waterproof bags, suspended the car insurance, printed our itinerary, and mailed letters. It seemed like the more we tried to do, the longer the list got. Problems will always remain, but now we must accept them and move on.

At 5:30 am we’ll get up, pack the backpacks, and get on a bus headed for Sante Fe. The next post will either be from there, or the continental divide!


3 responses to “We Go”

  1. have fun.
    don’t take any wooden nickels.
    best dyno problem in ‘our’ area went down yesterday (2x). it’s the area you and i FA’s some stuff at. has a big ass peace symbol on it.
    other good stuff is about to happen thar as well.
    wind is blowing…

    oh yeah, yer ‘trip’… sublime.. meld with yer environment.


  2. Good luck DylAnn and dogspeed to Colorado where JillMatt will be getting married in Salida on July 3. So nice to see you again and I’m sure our dogs will become best of friends. Take chances. Handsome Jim

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