Ann’s announcement

Today Ann sent this off, her first mass-email:

Dear Friends and Family:

Many of you know by now that my (newish) husband Dylan and I will be launching off shortly on our delayed honeymoon: On April 18th we will be dropped off on the Mexico/New Mexico border from where we plan to walk north, staying as close to the Continental Divide as possible, until one of the following happens:

a. we reach Canada;
b. winter sets in; or
c. the Honeymoon is over!

Dylan intends to keep his website updated along the way with the help of a PDA, a cell phone, a digital camera and solar chargers attached to his pack. This is all dependent on an occassional digital cell phone signal, of course. The address is

Since I have never done anything remotely like this in my life, it’s quite a ridiculous thing to announce to anyone at all. But so many of you have shown so much support and enthusiasm, I can’t be proud. I just have to thank you for your interest, positive thoughts and prayers! So if you’d like to mail us food 🙂 or simply follow along you can go to the website. We will be posting our (very tentative) itinerary there before our departure.

For those of you in Santa Fe: We will be at the Rio Chama bar at around 6.30pm this Friday. We’d love to see you before we go!

Thanks again and keep in touch!


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