Movie: The Taming of the Shrew (1967)


What a loud, bawdy, frollicking Shakespearean romp! Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor are great. Because everything is so exaggerated you hardly notice the Elizabethan English. I guess a Shakespeare afficionado might consider this a “dumbing down” of the bard’s work, but I loved it. For once I could at least tell when I had missed a joke! Of course we were kind of rooting for the shrew, so we appreciated the ambiguity left in her taming.

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  1. Hey Cyber Hobo!
    Glad to see you’re packing in addition to the movie reviewing. I had a great time at Red Rocks last weekend. Lotta Balls is a really fun climb. I highly recommend it. We had fun in the Black Corridor and then the last day I led Ultraman (another great climb)and TR’d the 10d section of an 11c problem across from Ultrawall. I think the 11’s would have been challenging, even for you. My pictures are on club photo as you know if you still check out the climbing posts. The social post site is getting kind of dead since you left.
    I have some movies for you. I watched “Lost in Translation” with Bill Murray. I thought it was a good (not great) movie. Kept my interest, worth watching on a rainy day.
    I watched Matchstick men with Nicholas Cage. I thought it sucked! What a lousy ending. And then a man who is pretending to be a shrink, cures him? Or did I miss something? Sucks! Pass on it.
    Last night I watched “Somethings gotta give” with Jack N., Diane Keaton and Keanau Reeves. Great movie. Maybe it’s because I’m 50 but I could really relate and I thought it was funny as hell. Only fault I had with it was at the end. I thought Diane’s character gave in too easily. She should have made him say, “I love YOU”. That’s why I love the ending of “When Harry met Sally”. Meg’s character is sick of Billy’s non commital and says “It doesn’t work that way”. Now he has to grovel and not only tell her he loves her but tell her he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. In other words, propose! All right!

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