Hair Adventure



I get the sense that a husband should use caution when publishing pictures and comments about his wife’s hair on the internet, but this is too much fun to resist. Jess wants to dye Ann’s hair with free artistic license. Ann figures that her hair can look like anything for the Sociometry Fair and the trail, so she goes for it. The afternoon is spent with many applications, washings, and rinsings. When all is done, Ann remembers the one other event on her schedule: her brother’s wedding! I hope her family likes the new do as much as I do!

4 responses to “Hair Adventure”

  1. Thanks, Roy! You’re sweet! My mom’s not thrilled. No, not one bit. She said, MAKE HER CHANGE IT BACK RIGHT NOW!!!!!!

  2. Ann,

    Dye your hair whatever color you want, it doesn’t alter the fact that you are beautiful (right on!).

    I love playing with color-it’s fun to mix it up. And, it really confuses people. After years of dying my hair, I’m not entirely sure what color it actually is…I think it’s some variant of brown?!?


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