The weblog: what it is, how to use it

Today I have turned into a blog. This is just a journal-like format for publishing things on the web.

The blog consists of posts (like this one) each of which has one or more topics (“About the hobolog” for this post). You can select a topic from the ‘view posts’ menu and click the ‘view’ button to read posts on a topic. You can also view posts from specific times – look in the ‘posted’ menu and you’ll see that the hobolog goes back many years. Some topics contain an entire hobo adventure, like my US Perimeter Tour.

You can also add your own comments to a post by clicking on the Comments link below it and following the directions. Comment spam (numerous comments posted with advertising links) has become a problem since I started the hobolog, so please don’t be put off if your comment doesn’t show up until after it’s approved.

You can get more information about a link, picture, or really anything clickable by just pointing at it for a second. A “tip” should pop up with a message.

Thanks for visiting!

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