Birth of a cyberhobo


This cyberhobo is Dylan Kuhn, a software engineer and lover of outdoor explorations.

In the year 2000 I worked for a cool dot-com, but it popped with the bubble. I did software contracts in the Denver area until there were no more contracts to be had. There were men in pinstripe suits with briefcases waiting in line for applications at the new Whole Foods bakery. Rather than get in line with them, I put up this website. I declared that I would travel nearly anywhere and work for nearly anything. A cyberhobo was born.

I will attempt to use this site to help me survive, to record my struggles and endeavors, and to examine the cyberhobo way of life, whatever that turns out to be.

4 responses to “Birth of a cyberhobo”

  1. Hi Dylan,
    Glad to see that you’re mashing the pulp (squeezing the juice .. whatever) out of life. I’m still ‘up to my old tricks’ but now growing a gut in Milwankee. Drop me a line.


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