Day 110

Souderton, PA to Lancaster, PA
$3 :: coffee and muffin
83.12 mi :: 6.32 hr :: 35.2 mph :: 12.7 mph :: 7004 mi

Earl takes me to his Christian Businessmen’s Coalition breakfast. We sit with two engineers. When asked what they do they say, “We build weapons of mass destruction!” Specifically, electronic guidance systems.

After eating, one of the men rises and gives testimony. He’s a good speaker, and I can relate to what he’s saying after translating it into my own terminology. He talks about experiences with Catholic school guilt, drug abuse, immaturity, and finally a sort of release of control to God. The way I understand God, I’ve done the same thing. He doesn’t mention Jesus.

Back to the house for quick goodbyes. Dianne has baked a huge batch of energy bars for me. She almost gives too much. Hadie, Earl, and Fred leave for Baltimore, and I ride into the cool, bright morning.

Franz & Maryke Lenselink

I encounter another recumbent tourist! He’s a friendly Dutchman touring Pennsylvania with his wife (she’s on an upright). We compare notes a bit, and he passes along his favorite road quote in French: Tut le monde, ma chambre! (The whole world, my living room, he translates). We exchange pictures and addresses.

Valley Forge

Part of Valley Forge State Park is blocked off due to “Sewage Contamination.” Luckily, not the part where I’m headed. The park’s forests, meadows, stone houses, and wood plank cabins are so peaceful, it is hard to imagine Revolutionaries fighting and starving here. The ride remains quiet and peaceful until I head for the Lancaster urban area on the Oregon turnpike.

Leenie greets me warmly at the door of her very cute little dwelling. She’s self-deprecating about her cooking, and refuses to believe that she has made the most flavorful veggie chili I’ve ever tasted.

I go to bed pooped, but I get engrossed in the book of photos labeled “Daniel K Kuhn” she has put by my bed. It’s the best collection I’ve seen of my Dad, and my Mom too in their early marriage. What a vibrant beauty! I’m spellbound, seeing her through my dad’s eyes 30 years ago.

3 responses to “Day 110”

  1. I would never have guessed that I too would one day work on weapons systems – or at least on algorithms with potential weapons system applications. Such is the unpredictable life of a cyberhobo.

  2. Your parents were just our age….!
    Funny about Leenie’s vege chili. I don’t stand a chance. It’s a good thing I read that AFTER today’s delivery.
    That’s “tout le monde”, not Tut, as in King Tut.

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