Day 25

Trego, MT to Apgar, MT
$20 :: lunch, coffee, grocs
81.78 mi :: 6.59 hr :: 32.4 mph :: 11.6 mph :: 1677 mi


8:30AM: on the road, decide to go back by Dickey Lake. Make good use of the restroom there. David & Barbara, who plan to be married Dickey Thurs., give me breakfast #2: eggs, bread, salsa, jam.

~noon: glorious riding. I’m singing extemporaneously at the top of my lungs:

I got pedals, ‘neath my knees,
I will go – where I please.
I’m a man
Happy man
Cycling man.

Then settle into a blissful, meditative state.

~1PM: Last 5 miles into Whitefish the road sucks.

2PM: coffee, lunch, talk w/ pretty young girls. Getting slightly over my shyness.

4PM: hit the gravel section. Washboard up the wazoo – my teeth are still clacking. Lots of pretty girls driving crazy in their 4WDs, smile & wave as they rip by.

5PM: West Glacier. Tourists, few last groceries. Disappointments: can’t get through to Camella, & can’t find cheap yummy Sather’s cookies.

Bike Trail

Lake MacDonald

5:30PM: Cool little bike trail just inside Glacier Nat. Park. Camp at the first, lowest CG. Meet Diane, first lone woman cycling tourist I’ve met. 50, Michigan schoolteacher, like my mom deciding whether to continue adventuring. Going Anacortes to Mich, she’s done all the passes I have. Also like Mom, a natural adventurer, on w/ heart. Good conversation till after 10.


Now, must sleep & wake early as bicycles aren’t allowed on the pass from 11 to 4.

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  1. Dylan with shyness? Never believe it. Didn’t you get thrown out of a bar while doing a handstand trying to impress a girl. It may not have been you at your most suave, but certainly you weren’t shy. 😉

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