Feature: wordpress

  • Red Bull Air Force Altimeter

    I worked with visionsmith.com to use Geo Mashup to manage the geo content of this team of skiing, skydiving, BASE-jumping, paragliding maniacs. This site makes especially good use of Geo Mashup’s full post display and tabbed category index to create a highly interactive map for exploring the content of the site.

  • RSF Social Finance

    This site by Vernal Creative has worldwide projects organized into categories and subcategories. The challenge was to display these in tabs based on category, then post listings based on subcategory, where the post listing link would open its marker on the map. Our success gave Geo Mashup a cool new control, the tabbed category index, […]

  • HOLZ und EISEN

    This is one of my favorite Geo Mashup customizations, a compendium of guerrilla-style golfing locations in Germany. There are some features here I haven’t done anywhere else, like the maximized info window and interactive paged location list in the sidebar. You don’t have to speak German to have some fun playing with this one, while […]

  • Private Islands Magazine Map

    This was a small project done earlier this year, one of a few instances where I was hired to customize the content of the info window. That work eventually led me to the idea for the info window template feature, which puts this kind of result within an educated user’s grasp. The newer interactive legend […]

  • WordPress Tally Graph Plugin

    I’ve released a new plugin that I use to create the bar graphs in my blog sidebar. I’m going to try to host it almost entirely on the WordPress site, so this may be the only post about it here. Here’s the link: Tally Graph Plugin at WordPress.org