Fair Trade Towns USA

This is one of my larger projects: a nation-wide site for communities that promote fair trade practices. My part of the project demanded a lot from WordPress and Geo Mashup – here are a few standouts:

  • Many custom content types: towns, organizers, retailers, community organizations, and more.
  • Front end forms for users to create content for their town.
  • Replacement for standard map info windows.
  • Lots more: form validation, some Flickr integration, tracking completed “steps” for each town, wufoo form integration, etc…

Clients: teamed with Vernal Creative and Free Range Studios serving several fair trade organizations.

Tata Telepresence Map

Client: Vernal Creative

The locations of Tata’s impressive video teleconferencing rooms are presented on a customized Geo Mashup map, with the both an info window summary for each marker, more information about a selected location in the sidebar, and a list of locations by continent below. The CSS wizards at Vernal managed the stylish info window, and I tricked out a few jQuery video slideshows like the one on the home page.

Gypset Atlas and Suggestion Form

This site extolling a gypsy jetset lifestyle had a few special Geo Mashup requests for its atlas: custom markers, tabbed info windows, and a user submission form. I decided to do the form using a standard WordPress page template – almost everything needed is already available right there. A little extra help from the cookies for comments plugin helps keep spam away. Now I just need to trot the globe for a few years to find the perfect submission.


This is one of a couple of projects I’ve been working on with Dr. Sorin Matei at Purdue University. The website is related to content in print books, with Jules Verne’s Around the World in 80 Days illustrating the launch. Geo Mashup maps represent locations in the book, which contains print links that can be scanned using a cell phone camera. I did customizations on the maps, and added a radius search to Geo Mashup with a companion plugin that enables radius searches from an Ubimark iPhone application. Fun stuff!