Fair Trade Towns USA

This is one of my larger projects: a nation-wide site for communities that promote fair trade practices. My part of the project demanded a lot from WordPress and Geo Mashup – here are a few standouts:

  • Many custom content types: towns, organizers, retailers, community organizations, and more.
  • Front end forms for users to create content for their town.
  • Replacement for standard map info windows.
  • Lots more: form validation, some Flickr integration, tracking completed “steps” for each town, wufoo form integration, etc…

Clients: teamed with Vernal Creative and Free Range Studios serving several fair trade organizations.

2 responses to “Fair Trade Towns USA”

  1. How did you do the front-end form, if you don’t mind me asking?

    I’ve been trying to build a front-end form using TDO miniforms and GeoMashup but have had it failing miserably.

    The usefulness of front-end post-creation that can be geotagged seems so obvious in many situations, yet I’m unable to find much help in stitching it together…

  2. For this project I hand-coded the forms, using filters to modify the user profile form and templates for custom post forms.

    For expedience I think a customized Gravity Forms implementation is probably easiest. I have other ideas I’d like to try, such as using the free Front End Editor to allow front-end submissions.

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