Portfolio 21 Investments Launched

This is the first investment site I’ve worked on, and it required some real learning for me and my partner at Vernal Creative. When money, investment, and regulation enter the picture, a new level of rigor and attention to detail are required. This only improved the end result.

I did the front end (jQuery) and back end (PHP) programming, enabling features like status alerts as you browse different sections of the site and nice animated paging on listings. There are some nice uses of the great DataTables jQuery plugin.

Fair Trade Towns USA

This is one of my larger projects: a nation-wide site for communities that promote fair trade practices. My part of the project demanded a lot from WordPress and Geo Mashup – here are a few standouts:

  • Many custom content types: towns, organizers, retailers, community organizations, and more.
  • Front end forms for users to create content for their town.
  • Replacement for standard map info windows.
  • Lots more: form validation, some Flickr integration, tracking completed “steps” for each town, wufoo form integration, etc…

Clients: teamed with Vernal Creative and Free Range Studios serving several fair trade organizations.

Global Washington Geo Directory

Global Washington Geo Directory This site houses a database of academic centers, businesses, foundations and non-profit organizations engaged in global development. Each member can list all the countries they are active in around the world. The former site had no map interface to this extensive data. The focus on country data lead me to choose the Google Visualization API Geomap rather than my Geo Mashup plugin for the interface. The result is a near perfect way to present their members’ global influence and query the directory.

In addition to the maps, I implemented the member submission and editing forms. I considered using a plugin like TDO Mini Forms, but in the end I needed more fine control than the plugins offered, and wrote the forms as WordPress templates. This allowed me to do things like generate checkbox collections from the category tree.