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  • 6th Grade 10

    I don’t know much about today. I think I was asleep. I do know my hair looks like a zombie’s. When I woke up at first I didn’t know where I was. I was asleep thinking I was at home in my waterbed.

  • 6th Grade 9

    I’m eager about doing my science fair project. I have a good feeling about my project. I’m really trying to do a good job on it. Fun. Maybe I’ll win again this year. My problem is “How does music affect coordination?” I’m going to get to work tonight on science fair. I’ve also started writing […]

  • 6th Grade 8

    Today we took apart hearts. I liked it. I used some techniques my grandpa taught me. He is a plastic surgeon. Or at least he was. He retired, but he still can teach me a lot. We always disect trout we catch. It’s fun.

  • 6th Grade 7

    I got up early today to watch cartoons. As I was watching I thought about going to school in California. It will be embarassing walking into the wrong classroom, especially if I have no friends to feel dumb with. Maybe the summer will be enough time to look around for friends. I wonder if the […]

  • 6th Grade 6

    Today I’m feeling active today. And hungry. I’m looking forward to going home, eating, then going to Karate. I’m enjoying school today. It feels good to feel good again. Maybe that means I’m feeling twice as good as usual. My dad is coming up this weekend to take me to the Wyo. vs. CSU basketball […]

  • 6th Grade 5

    I played baketball this morning. I also slid on the ice. I wonder if I’ll see ice again in California. Maybe I won’t miss the mountains so much. There’s some nice mountains in California. There’s also some neat ski resorts. I’m beginning to think it will be adventureous moving. I’ve lived on the east coast, […]

  • 6th Grade 4

    Today I’ve been thinking about California. I think it might be pretty fun in the process of moving. We think we’ll move to Santa Rosé. The Russian River is 20 minutes away. The ocean is 30 minutes away, and Crystal Lake is about 2 hours away. We’re putting our house on the market next month. […]

  • 6th Grade 3

    This morning I got up and looked at my monster. It’s a little rubber monster that grows in the water. They start out about one centimeter long and finishes about half a foot. When I fed the ducks I accidentally poured water on my foot and it froze. Painfull. I can’t think of anything else […]

  • 6th Grade 2

    I’m thinking more about moving today. I screwed up a lot in the spelling bee. I can’t stop thinking about it. Otherwise I didn’t have to bad a day. P.E. and music were fun at school. Oh oh. Here comes depression again. Sombody started me thinking about friends. I don’t want to leave my friends. […]

  • 6th Grade 1

    I wasn’t feeling good this morning. I didn’t want to come to school. I guess it’s because I’m moving to California this summer.